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Black Crystal Care Professional Toothbrush Heads

$ 25.00

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Designed especially for the Great Smile Store Crystal Care Professional Sonic Toothbrush, these replacement heads attach easily to polish teeth at 31,000 strokes per minute while removing plaque more effectively than standard toothbrushes. The soft bristles and compact head effectively cover the surface of each tooth to gently target hard to reach areas. For optimal results, dentists recommend replacing your brush head every three months.
  • Removes plaque more effectively than standard toothbrushes
  • Ultra-soft bristles comfortably target hard to reach areas
  • Compact brush head covers tooth surface effectively
  • Includes 4 replacement toothbrush heads
  • Dentists recommend replacement every 3 months for best results
  • Designed for the Crystal Care Professional Sonic Toothbrush
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